What is the advantage of using finger toothbrushes to clean my dog’s teeth?

Finger toothbrushes can be an ideal choice for a dog toothbrush because they are easy to use and are ultra-soft and flexible. There are a couple of styles, from the basic glove-like one that you just slip over your finger to a palm-assisted one that provides an even greater grip.

Because finger toothbrushes are smaller, they might be less intimidating to your dog. That means she’ll get used to the process a lot faster which translates to more frequent brushing and less tartar and plaque build-up.

This might possibly be the biggest advantage of all: You’ll be able to give your dog’s gums a nice massage—and, remember, you want to make the whole experience as pleasant as possible while you’re getting her used to the process.

However, finger brushes aren’t always good for every dog. Small dogs may have a problem with them, because their mouths are smaller and you might not be able to get around all the teeth. You’ll need to experiment with your dog based on her personality and mouth size.

To use a finger brush:

• Place the finger toothbrush on your finger (best finger is your index finger)
• Put some doggy toothpaste on your finger toothbrush (just a dab not a lot)
• Open the dog’s mouth very carefully

NOTE: Remember, finger brushes may not work well for small dogs

• After you put your finger in your dog’s mouth start to brush her teeth just like a human (after she is done, offer her some water to drink)
• Use lot of praise and crunchy treats to reward good behavior. Remember, you want your dog to associate this process with something pleasant.

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