What is styptic powder?

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Styptic powder is often used by groomers, veterinarians and dog owners that trim their dog’s nails at home. The powder slows down bleeding by promoting blood clotting when a nail is trimmed too short and the quick is exposed.

The quick of a dog’s nail is a living tissue within the nail that can bleed excessively if clipped. If a dog’s nail is clipped too short, the result can cause panic because not only is the dog bleeding, but the dog will most likely try to lick the paw, run away, or retreat from the nail clipping session.

If the quick is clipped and the nail starts bleeding, styptic powder can be applied right away to slow down the bleeding. Styptic powders often contain anti-bacterial agents that will also ward off infection. Many also have pain relieving properties that can take away some of the pain that the dog will be experiencing as a result of the clipped quick.

To use styptic powder when a dog’s nail is bleeding, simply dip the dog’s paw into the jar of powder and then hold the dog’s paw so that he doesn’t place it down on the floor or lick it. The powder will begin to take effect in just about 15 seconds, so if you notice that the nail is still bleeding excessively after that time, you should dip the paw into the styptic powder again.

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