What is kitten kindergarten?

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While dogs seem to benefit from obedience classes at almost any age (depending on personality, of course!), kittens have the most success at training in their early weeks. Therefore, kitten kindergarten classes are popping up all over the country, often led by Humane Society and ASPCA trainers and veterinary clinics.

Kitten kindergarten classes provide a great bonding experience for you; there are fun and games, but the real focus is on teaching you how to help your kitty grow up into a well-behaved cat kittens with good wellness habits. She’ll learn to become accepting of things like grooming, nail trims, tooth brushing and traveling in a carrier.
Probably the best way to explain this is to show you a sample itinerary from the Animal Medical Center of New York City. This is what they said their class entails:
• Avoiding litter box problems
• Preventing destructive scratching
• Learning how to play (and how not to play) with your kitten.
• Discussing of health and wellness issues including vaccines and parasite control
• Identifying safe and peaceful traveling to the veterinary clinic and trips.
• Performing nail care (quick, painless and friendly nail trims)
• Learning about dental health (how to make brushing easy and pleasant)
• Offering advice on nutrition (maintain health and avoid obesity)
• Learning to speak your kitten’s language
• Participating Q & A sessions
• Explaining basic obedience commands and fun tricks
• Teaching Your Kitty to accept handling, grooming and veterinary care
Kittens ages 7 to 13 weeks old are encouraged to attend. Owners of older kittens are welcome to attend without their pets. Their older kittens should stay at home since older kittens and cats do not enjoy the socialization and can become fearful or aggressive.
In addition, the entire (human) family is invited to attend along with their kitten. The two-week classes are usually limited in size (under 10 kittens) and the prices are very moderate.

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