What is gluten listed in some cat treats and foods?

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A by-product of human food processing, wheat gluten the starchy liquid left after washing wheat and it is used mostly to bind food together.

Wheat gluten is about 80 percent protein so it’s often used to increase the protein count. It’s also very digestible. That means it’s often used in pet foods as a filler.

Gluten is also a common allergen, and the symptoms of both gluten allergy and gluten intolerance can mimic the signs of a gastrointestinal disorder. If you suspect your cat has an allergy, you should stop feeding your cat any store-bought cat food and cat treats. This is a good time to start homemade cat food, but be sure to check with your veterinarian to be sure the diet is balanced.

Here’s how to create allergy-free food:
• Begin feeding only a combination of one protein and one carbohydrate, such as chicken and rice or venison and potato and, if possible, avoid beef, lamb, seafood, corn, soy, dairy products and wheat gluten, which all tend to frequently cause food allergies in cats.
• Find a cat food recipe that makes use of your protein-and-carbohydrate combo. Check with your pet nutrition expert to be sure it’s balanced. Make enough food for a week or two, store in single-portion containers and freeze all but what you plan to use for the current and following day.
• Add small amounts of vegetables to the mix once your cat gets accustomed to his new, healthier food. Cats are very picky eaters, and they eat mostly meat, not vegetables. However, vegetables provide lots of nutrients that can result in long, healthy feline lives. If you decide to add vegetables to your recipe, be very conservative in how much you use. Chop the vegetables into fine pieces so your cat can’t pick them out.

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