What is frequency when it comes to canine hearing?

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Frequency is the level of high or low pitch that characterizes a sound. The frequency of a sound can also be used to describe the quality of the sound. When it comes to canine hearing, frequency is often talked about in terms of what is and is not audible to a dog. For example, a dog whistle has a very high frequency and can easily be heard by dogs, but not by humans.

The range of frequency that a dog can hear is between 60 hertz and 40 kilohertz; while a human can only hear between 20 hertz and 20 kilohertz. From these numbers, we can gather that dogs can hear a much higher frequency of sounds than humans can. This makes them much more alert to higher pitched sounds such as alarms, screams, and other noises that can be outside of the human range of hearing.

Canine hearing is also affected by the shape of the ear, which acts as a collection device for sound. Unlike humans who have ears that are closely pinned to the head, dogs can have a wide range of ear shapes that are meant to skillfully collect sound. A dog’s middle ear and inner ear closely resemble a human’s in terms of the anatomy, as dogs hear in much the same way humans do, but the ability to move the ears enables greater levels of directional hearing.

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