What is Dog Shaming?

So what is “Dog Shaming” exactly?

I received an email from a friend. The subject line was “dog shaming.” Inside were a dozen or more photos of dogs with hand-written signs describing what they had done wrong, or to cause the scene in the photo. Some were funny, some made me wince, most often i found myself nodding fiercely as the act described/pictured had happened to me with one or more of my dogs at some point.

Dog shaming has become an internet sensation. There are entire websites dedicated to these photos. I have to admit, I spent a decent amount of time surfing these sites. Owners get so creative in their descriptions of their dogs “crimes.” Some even made me laugh out loud! Then of course, there were the ones that I felt sorry for, both pets and owners.

While researching, I was surprised to find some conflicting opinions regarding the photos. Some find it amusing and cute, while others find it to be mean or derogatory.

What do you think?

All photos courtesy of dogshaming.com

Jodi G. Thomson was born and raised in Seattle WA, she and her husband relocated to Houston TX in 2010. She enjoys writing and spending time with her husband and their pets.

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