What is cat face geometry theory?

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Cat face geometry is a theory developed by Kit Jenkins, currently the program manager for PetSmart Charities. Based on two decades of study, Jenkins posits three feline facial shapes that are an indicator of the cat’s personality.

Square-faced cats tend to be big animals like Maine coons. Terms feline “retrievers,” these cats exhibit doglike qualities and are more open and spontaneous in the affection they express for their humans.

Round-faced cats have flatter features with big eyes and circular heads. Good examples would be a Burmese or Persian. These animals are, according to the theory, both wary and more submissive. They are affectionate, but only with specific humans they trust.

Cats with triangular faces have features that begin to narrow toward the nose, for instance the Siamese and Cornish Rex. These animals are smart, talkative, curious, and athletic. They thrive in active households and see themselves as your personal assistant and advisor.

It’s important to remember that all generalizations of this kind are just that, generalized perceptions based on one physical characteristic. Personalities vary widely by breed profile and even more so by individual personality.

Regardless of any of these factors, however, any cat who is well cared for and who has been socialized will be a friendly and confident animal. Cats, like people, are highly individualistic and those unique quirks should be recognized and appreciated.

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