What is an example of using classical conditioning in dog behavior?

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Classical conditioning was first introduced by Russian Ivan Pavlov (Pavlov’s dogs) and has been used for many years to train dogs. Pavlov used classical conditioning to have a dog relate a bell to food. When the dog heard the bell, he salivated without the sight or smell of food. This method can be used to train dogs with positive reinforcement.

You can classically condition your own pet by clicker training it. All you need is a clicker and a bag of treats.
One example is teaching her a command such as “sit/stay.” When she has been in the position for your designated time, such as a minute, you click, praise and treat immediately. However, if she jumps up before she gets the “okay” sign, you make an unpleasant sound (something like uh-oh) and, of course, don’t treat.
She’ll make the association that, when she hears the click, something good happens, but when she hears an unpleasant sound, something good WON’T happen.
Here’s another example of discouraging a behavior. If you don’t want your dog to jump up on the sofa or bark, you may have something like a can of pennies and shake it every time she jumps or barks. Soon, she makes the association that either will produce an unpleasant sound and soon she’ll avoid the sofa and barking. Make sure you only respond when she performs that act; otherwise, she’ll become confused.
If you want your dog to associate eliminating with the outdoors:
• Place a bell at the door where you take the dog out.
• Ring the bell every time you take the dog outside to eliminate. Praise the dog and give a treat after eliminating outside. While training, don’t use the bell for anything else but going outside at this time It may confuse the dog if the bell is used for different activities.
• Touch the bell to the dog’s nose and allow it to ring the bell. Do this several times to teach the dog you are allowing it to have some control over going outside. Reward the dog with a treat after successfully eliminating outside.

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