What is a food puzzle?

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Cats are smart and can figure almost anything out. If left inactive, with no stimulation, they can get bored and depressed. That’s exactly why you need to add a little excitement and stimulation, and mealtime is the perfect time to do it.
A food puzzle is an object, such as a toy, with an opening in which to “hide” the food. The concept behind the food puzzle feeder is that the cat has to figure out how to get the food out of the puzzle toy and then is rewarded with the food when she succeeds. This is a great way to entertain your cat anytime, but especially when you get stuck at the office for long hours or if you are traveling.
Feline food puzzles come in an assortment of designs. They range from simple balls to more complex structures and can be used with either wet or dry food. You can find them at pet stores or online.
Besides the fun and lack of boredom, here are some other reasons you might want to use a food puzzle:
• Weight control. Your cat will have to work (play) for the food—and that can take 20 to 30 minutes—so she’ll eat slowly since only a small amount is dispensed at a time I
• Slow down eating: Does your cat gobble her food? That can result in things like choking, gagging and vomiting. She’ll have to work at the food puzzle for at least 20 minutes to get out the food so it can slow her right down.
• Stress reliever: No one really thinks too much about animals getting stressed, but the truth is that they do—and cats, especially, get spooked easily; in fact, the same exact voice that can get your dog excited can frighten your cat! With a food puzzle, they’ll have to focus so much on the challenge, they’ll automatically be distracted from environmental anxiety issues.

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