What is a dog halter?

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A dog halter is very similar to what you would see on a horse. The halter is a sort of harness that also goes around the nose and attaches behind the ears. The dog’s leash is then attached to the bottom of the nose strap by a ring. The halter is different from a muzzle in that the dog can still bark, eat, drink, and pant while wearing the halter.

The halter is used when walking a dog to give the owner more control over where the dog’s head it going. A halter is specifically good for dog breeds that are driven by scent, like beagles, hounds and other hunting breed dogs. The halter makes it easier to get control of the dogs head and stop him from pulling to get to a certain smell or object that he wants to investigate.

A dog halter is completely safe and humane. It simply allows the owner to pull a dog’s head up gently if the dog is locked in on a scent and trying to pull to get towards the scent. The motion of lifting a dog’s head is similar to how a mother dog would pull up on her puppies heads. The halter helps to focus a dog on the actual walk and not the distractions that are all around.

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