What is a dog conveying when he makes high-pitched, long barks?

A dog’s bark can tell owners a lot about the message that they are trying to convey. High-pitched, long barks are generally either to signify distress or a particularly stressful situation. As the dog gets more upset, the bark will increase in pitch, and last a longer amount of time. Some examples of when a dog might use this type of bark could be when he is left home alone and has separation anxiety or if he is trapped somewhere and attempting to alert others.

Another reason that a dog may bark a high-pitched, long tonal sound is when following or hunting an animal or scent.  In particular, breeds like Coonhounds and Bloodhounds make a sort of singing noise when they are on the hunt; this signals to their owners which direction to follow. These high-pitched barks are more tonal in nature than the high-pitched bark of a distressed dog.

Some dogs also let out high-pitched barks just to be heard or for the purpose of being vocal. Most of the time, a dog will bark with justification; however, sometimes a dog just needs to bark. This is much like people wanting to talk without an imperative goal in mind, although usually a high-pitched, long bark will indicate distress.

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