What is a dew claw?

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Dewclaws are vestigial digits that are commonly found on dogs. Dewclaws are often referred to as a dog’s “thumb” because of it’s positioning on the paw. The dewclaw is separated from the other claws on a dog’s pad and normally grows higher on the leg.

There is some controversy surrounding the dewclaw, as many people view it as unnecessary and may even choose to have it removed when the dog is a puppy.

Many dogs use their dewclaw in order to grip onto objects like toys and bones.
The dewclaws are almost always present on the front paws, but it’s rare for a dog to have dewclaws on the back paws.

For most dogs, the dewclaw never makes contact with the ground as the dog walks, and therefore grows faster and needs trimmed more often than the other claws. The dewclaw can also catch on things and break easier than the other claws because of its positioning.

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