What is a compounded medication and how does it benefit my dog?

Simply, veterinary drug compounding is the veterinarian-directed manipulation of medications for your pet. It can be performed by a veterinarian, or by a pharmacist upon receipt of a veterinarian’s prescription for a particular patient.
Medication compounding for your pet is appropriate if:

• Dosages and strengths need to be changed: It might be the same breed, but body shapes and weights can vary, sometimes dramatically.

• Formulations need to be customized. For example, if your dog is on multiple medications, combining them into one pill may be appropriate.

• Substances need to be added or eliminated. Appropriate especially if your dog has an allergy or sensitivity to a particular substance.

• Create alternative dosage forms, for instance a liquid or chewable form.

• Discontinued pet meds. Sometimes a medication is discontinued for pets, but is only available for humans. The veterinarian can have the same medication compounded, as appropriate for animals.

There must be compliance with all relevant state laws. Veterinarians must comply with all aspects of the federal extralabel drug use regulations including record-keeping and labeling requirements. There must also be:
• An existing, valid Veterinarian-Client-Patient relationship (VCPR)
• Threatened health or death from failure to treat.
• Absence of FDA-approved, commercially available animal or human drug that, when used as labeled in its available dosage form and concentration, will appropriately treat the patient.
In addition, federal law states that the product:
• Must be made from an FDA-approved commercially available animal or human drug.
• Must be compounded by a licensed veterinarian or a licensed pharmacist on the order of a veterinarian within the practice of veterinary medicine.
• Be safe and effective.
• The amount of product compounded must be commensurate with the need of the animal identified in the VCPR-based prescription.
• For animals produced for human consumption, the veterinarian must establish an extended withdrawal interval for the compounded product and ensure food safety. Compounding is not permitted if it results in any residue that may present a risk to public health.
• NOT be compounded for food animals from drugs listed on the prohibited list.

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