What household items can be used as effective clickers?

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There actually is no need to use a device to make the clicking sound used in training. You can make a similar double noise even verbally with your tongue against your teeth. You will want to position your tongue against the roof of your mouth and to the side to get a sufficiently loud noise.

If you feel that this will be too tiring over long training sessions or that you can’t produce the sound with sufficient consistency, almost anything that can be used to produce a click noise, even a ballpoint pen, will work so long as it gets your cat’s attention. (Since cat’s have incredibly acute hearing, especially for subtle sounds, this may be far easier than you realize.)

One “do it yourself” method is to find a metal jar lid with a “safety” button that pops the first time the bottle or jar is opened. You can use your fingers to pop the button in and out several times to judge the quality of the click and how difficult it is to produce. To amplify the sound, use a hammer to lightly push the safety button farther out from the lid.

If your cat responds well to clicker training, however, go ahead and invest in a manufactured clicker. The devices cost anywhere from $5 to $10. You’ll be glad for this minimal investment as your cat’s training proficiency increases to more complex behaviors.

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