What grooming tools work best on longhaired dogs?

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While there are many dog grooming tools on the market, some work best for dogs with specific types of hair or coats. When grooming a longhaired dog, be sure that you choose the right type of grooming tools for dogs with long hair.

The first tool you’ll want to pick up is a dog brush or comb. Wire pin brushes, bristle brushes, slicker brushes and mat breakers are all types of brushes that work best on longhaired dogs. Longhaired dogs tend to get mats and tangles more often than dogs with shorter hair, so brushing a longhaired dog regularly is important.

The next tool you’ll want to consider getting is a dog hair clipper. Dogs who have long hair that is continuously growing will need to be trimmed regularly. When grooming a dog at home, it’s recommended that you use electric clippers to get a neat cut that is also uniform. It’s not recommended that pet owners use scissors to trim longhaired dogs.

Other grooming tools to use on any dog are a good shampoo and nail trimmers. Some shampoos are specifically designed for dogs with long hair, so purchase a shampoo that will meet your dog’s needs. Nail trimmers should also be tailored to your dog’s needs, as some dogs have small, thin nails while others have thick, large nails.

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