What grooming tools work best on double-coated dogs?

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Dogs with double coats will often blow their coat several times a year, causing an excess of hair to come off of the dog. For this reason, dog owners with double-coated dogs need to be on top of grooming their dog to reduce the amount of shed hair. There are a few dog grooming tools that work best on double-coated dogs.

The first and most important grooming tool for a double-coated dog is an appropriate brush. Find a brush with special teeth to remove a dog’s undercoat. These tools will reduce shedding by pulling the majority of the undercoat out during brushing. Popular brushes like the FURminator and shedding blades work best.

Another grooming tool that is recommended for a double-coated dog is shampoo. Some shampoos will either help reduce shedding, or sooth a dog’s itchy skin. Many dogs with double-coats suffer from dry, itchy skin. It’s recommended that dog’s with double coats are not bathed as often as dog’s with single coats, so it’s even more important that the shampoo and grooming tools you use are specifically geared towards dogs with double coats to get the most out of the tools.

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