What form of food is better for my cat – dry or canned?

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The dry versus canned food debate is one that rages on among pet owners. Even veterinarians sometimes find themselves on either end of the debate. There are clear advantages to both dry cat food and canned cat food. Consider all of your options and take a few factors into consideration before opting for one over the other.

Your cat’s age and its current health levels should play a key role in the foods that you offer. Older cats might have difficulty crunching dry kibble and may find the stronger smells of canned foods much more appetizing.

Cats who are sick can benefit from canned foods because not only will the strong smells entice them to eat, but you can also usually disguise their medications in the food. Sick cats can also benefit from the increased water content that is inherent in canned foods.

Younger cats tend to have more voracious appetites due to the speed at which they are growing. You could find your budget stretched really thin trying to feed nothing but canned food to your kitten. Dry kibble can help to keep your budget under control and offer your kitten all of the food its growing body needs. Combining dry kibble with canned food will help you to best meet all of your cat’s nutritional needs much more effectively.

Only you can make the right feeding decision for your cat. Carefully consider your cat’s age, eating preferences, and make an informed decision that will ensure all of your feline’s nutritional needs are being met. As with any decision concerning your cat’s health, your veterinarian can help to guide you towards the right decision. It is likely, however, that your vet will recommend a combination of both dry and canned food for your cat’s optimal health.

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