What dog breeds tend to chase cats?

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Most dog breeds get along well with cats, especially if they are raised in the same household. However, there are some breeds that are more likely to chase and possibly injure a cat due to their high prey drive. A prey drive is an innate impulse to chase, injure or kill a small animal. In some breeds it is deeply ingrained in their genetic coding, making it difficult to modify the impulse. Here are a few of the breeds that have a higher prey drive than others.

The beagle has a strong prey drive. Beagles were bred in the 1500s to track rabbits; they have a keen sense of smell, and tend to follow their nose into trouble. While they will chase a cat and possibly corner one, they are not large enough to get to higher locations than a cat is able to climb onto. They should never be left alone with a cat, no matter how well they have seem to get along with their feline counterpart.

Doberman pinschers also have a strong prey drive, and unlike the beagle, can reach higher places and pose more of a threat. They are very muscular and have endurance and speed. Dobermans are fearless and energetic. They have the power in their jaws to injure, and will most likely kill a cat if they catch up with it.

The border collie is a premier sheep herder and also possesses a strong inclination to chase. They are intelligent, athletic and have an extraordinary work ethic. Border collies have the athletic ability to climb, jump or leap anywhere a cat could try to hide.

While the above is not a complete list of dog breeds that are prone to chase cats, it’s good for pet owners to be aware of the risks in their multi-animal home. It’s a good idea to research breeds are less likely to chase or injure a cat if you are thinking of combining animals in your house.

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