What dog breeds tend to be dominant?

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This isn’t a simple answer because temperament (mental balance) plays an extremely important role. Genetics (in this case, dog breeds) do play a part, but mental balance is also affected by environment; for instance, if the owner, him/herself, is submissive or if the dog is un-trained—or even abused.

Therefore, you can have a dominant small terrier or a submissive Rottweiler.
First, a dominant dog is one who strives to achieve pack leadership and is calm, confident and self-assured. The more dominant she is, the less likely she is to accept human leadership and training. She can be confrontational but, more often than not, is assertive, not aggressive. Dominant dogs do require skilled handlers who can maintain pack leadership at all times.
Second, if she’s unsound she will also exhibit a lack of calmness, confidence and assertiveness. She can be fearful, temperamental, hyperactive, pushy and aggressive. Dominant dogs can also be stubborn and independent and they like to take matters into their own hands—so you must always establish yourself as the clear leader. Obedience training is a MUST.
If you have a dominant dog, keep the following in mind:
• Spent a lot of time with her at first with your dog so she accepts you as her new “pack.” Play and roll around with her—it’s what other dogs do. Remember, dogs are pack animals by instinct and that instinct controls much of their behavior.
• Establish yourself as the clear leader. Always be calm, confident and very firm with her. The firmness must be consistent; you can’t chase her off the sofa one day and then allow it the next. Conduct several obedience sessions with her. And, yes, sometimes you’ll even need to growl at her—that’s how the pack leader in the dog world gets the top position.
• Make sure everyone in the family, including children, play by the pack rules. Everyone needs to be consistent—you can’t chase her off the sofa while another family allows it.
• Give her a time out every time she tries to establish herself as a leader, whether it’s in a crate or separate room or area.

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