What dog breeds tend to be aggressive toward cats?

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While most dog breeds can be taught from a young age to get along well with cats, there are some breeds that you should avoid adopting while you own a cat.

The number one breed that tends to be aggressive towards cats is a pit bull. While most pit bulls are very friendly with other animals, you should try to avoid adopting one if you own any animals smaller than this breed. If you choose to take home a pit bull anyway, it’s important to take necessary precautions to avoid a disastrous mishap. Make sure that you only adopt from a reputable breeder or shelter. Pit bulls are one of the breeds of dogs that you want to have full knowledge of their ancestral traits before adopting. You’ll also want to be aware of the environment the dog has been raised in to avoid negative reactions related to past trauma.

The terrier group (of which the pit bull is a member) was originally bred to hunt and therefore has a strong tendency to chase other animals- cats included. While they may not always be aggressive toward the cat, they will often make a cat’s life miserable.

Weimaraners are also often aggressive toward cats, and have been known to kill them if given the opportunity. This breed was originally bred to hunt boar, bear and deer. They have a very strong prey drive and will chase and frequently kill almost any animal smaller than themselves. The Weimaraner is stubborn, but can, with quality training, be taught to tolerate a cat. However, it is advised to use extreme caution and never allow the Weimaraner to be left unattended with a feline.

While any dog breed can be taught to tolerate cats if training begins while they’re young, the above-listed breeds are the particular dogs you need to take more precautions with if you already own a cat. As always, research any breed you consider adopting.

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