What does counter surfing mean?

Counter surfing refers to the actions of a cat leaping onto the kitchen counter in search of food he can consume. Counter surfing generates a lot of frustration in owners. This can be a dangerous habit as cats may cut their paws from knives left on counters or become ill from eating foods that may be toxic to felines.

So why do cats surf on counters?

• Cats love heights. Ever see two cats climb a tree? This goes back to the wild when the top cat was, well, the top cat.

• Cats are explorers and hunters. They’ll look all over for prey.

• Cats are attracted to water. Combine two of their favorites: hunting and watching rippled water and you will see one happy cat! One cat we know runs to the bathtub as soon as someone finishes a shower.

• Counters smell good! They often have smells from the last meal or tuna lunch.

Try these things to keep your cat off counters:

• Give her owner-approved things like cat-climbing trees or towers.
• Sticky tape or aluminum: Cats hate the feel of sticky tape and, as for aluminum, not only do they not like the feel on their toes—but also the sound it makes.
• Penny in the can: A lot of cat, and dog owners, have been using this method to discourage undesirable behavior. Drop a few pebbles in a can and, when you see the cat start to jump on the counter, shake it. Another method—and one that might be more desirable since it will work when you’re not around—is to line the edge of the counter with a few shake cans so they’ll fall when she tries to jump. It will create a very loud sound!
• Automatic Cat Repellant: Two are: SSScat! Is an electric-eye sensor on top of a canister which detects the motion of the cat. When she jumps, a loud alarm sounds and spray of harmless gas is activated. The unit is adjustable, and the spray can be turned off for sound conditioning. Tattle Tale utilizes vibration detection and a two second alarm, and then automatically resets itself.

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