What do some dogs bark at delivery people?

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Dogs will often bark at delivery people simply because they are considered strangers, and therefore potential threats. Delivery people approach the home in an unfamiliar vehicle carrying an unfamiliar object. The combination of the unfamiliarity and the swift approach towards the house will normally send a dog into a defensive and protective mode. The dog may bark and attempt to guard the door.

Another confusing aspect of the delivery person approaching the door is that often times, they will drop the package at the front of the house, and then leave. Normally, when someone approaches the home, they will knock or ring a door bell and then be let inside. The delivery person coming up to the door and then leaving is most likely very confusing for a dog, who expects people approaching the home to enter the home and be greeted.

There is really no way around having a dog bark at delivery people, since it is in their nature to protect the home and the family. To a dog, it seems they are helping by alerting the people inside the home that a suspicious person is approaching the door. It is extremely hard to train a dog not to bark at the sight of a stranger, but with a lot of work you can calm the dog down, and perhaps decrease its level of excitement. Subsequently, this may lessen its barking at delivery people.

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