What contact information must a manufacturer list on cat food labels?

AAFCO, the American Association of Feed Control Officials, requires that the manufacturer include the company name and street address on a pet food label. However, the street address may be omitted the named entity is listed in the local telephone directory, but the city, state and zip code must be shown.

The reason for the importance of this simply that it names the guarantor of the product, and gives the company’s location. If someone else makes the product for the company, the relationship must be shown by using the words “manufactured for:” or “distributed by:” in front of your address.

AAFCO is considered to be the authority in setting the guidelines and definitions for all cat food ingredients. For a pet food manufacturer to claim that their food is “nutritionally complete,” it must meet AAFCO’s nutritional guidelines and they emphasize the importance of pet food labeling. It is very highly regulated both on a federal and a state level.

A pet food label has eight required items. If the label is placed only on the front of the package, all items must appear there. If a front and back label are used, there are three items which must be included on the PDP (Principal Display Panel) on the front of the package. These are: brand and product name, species for which the food is intended, and the quantity statement. The other five items may be included on the front label or elsewhere on the package, such as on a back or side label (called the “information panel”).

The other five items are:

Guaranteed Analysis; Ingredient Statement; Nutritional Adequacy Statement; Feeding Directions and Name and address of manufacturer or distributor.

In addition to the required items, other aspects of the label may be conditionally required. For example, a “lite” or “low calorie” claim requires a calorie content statement following specified methods and format. The product must not exceed maximum calorie limits depending on the moisture content of the food and intended species.

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