What color coats of cats are more prone to sunburns?

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Yes, the color of the coat does make a difference, and cats with light-colored fur—or those who are hairless, are much more prone to suffer the long-term effects of sun exposure. In addition, there are certain areas of the body—tips of the ears, nose, around the eyes—that can get sunburned, because they lack the black pigment in those areas.
The first reason light-colored fur makes the cal more vulnerable is this: dark colors absorb the heat more than light colors, which reflect the heat away. What that means for the light-colored cat is that, even though the heat is reflected away, the dangerous ultraviolet rays are not—and those rays can cause skin damage even with no noticeable sunburn. Now, cats are pretty smart and they won’t stay anywhere that makes them too hot—but it’s really not the heat that you need to worry about.
Don’t think an indoor cat can’t be sunburned either, because UV rays can filter through glass, and that can create a serious problem. Err on the safe side and go through your house to close the drapes, blinds or doors to any glassy areas. Also, you can buy some easily applied removable UV filter window film at your local “hardware or home improvement store. This allows the cat to sit right in the window if desired and not get burned. It also keeps your home cooler and provides a good deal of privacy. They even make a kit with just the right amount for sliding glass doors.
If you have a light colored, or hairless, cat you might want to discuss tattooing with your veterinarian. They can be applied to provide some protection from the sun—but it should only be done by a veterinarian. Talk to your veterinarian if you feel your pet is extra sun-sensitive.

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