What cat breeds are the easiest to groom?

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In many ways “easiest” is a relative term. People who like to brush and comb out a long-haired cat would argue they are easy, while someone else would regard that as a nightmare. Some people pale at the thought of having to bathe a cat. That being said, the American Shorthair probably weighs in as the lowest maintenance feline, which is why it’s one of the most popular cat in the United States.

The highly social American Shorthair is a good family pet who requires only an occasional brushing. Although the texture and thickness of the coat may vary regionally, this is the breed most people think of when they think “cat.”

Another exceptionally easy cat to care for is the jet black Bombay, which looks like a small house leopard. These intelligent, friendly cats respond exceptionally well to training and have a short, glossy coat. Like the American Shorthair, they’re good with the occasional brushing.

In terms of “grooming” as it involves caring for a coat, the nearly hairless Sphynx could be termed “easy,” but most people do not realize they are very oily cats and will actually leave brown spots on your furniture. If you don’t mind wiping down this cat’s skin to reduce the oil residue, they’re an easy and personal presence in the house, but they must be house cats as their skin is highly susceptible to sun damage.

One thing that must be factored into any consideration of “ease of grooming” is the individual cat. These are animals with strong personalities and any cat who decides he doesn’t want to be groomed is going to be a handful. With any cat, starting a grooming regimen at an early age goes a long way toward easing the process for both parties throughout the cat’s lifetime.

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