What can I do to the cat food bowl to slow down my cat’s eating?

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To slow cat’s eating, try:
• Feeding smaller amounts over several minutes. Smaller more frequent meals sometimes work for some pets.
• Purchase one of those special pet bowls made with different sized knobs at the bottom. They force cats to fish around the knobs at the bottom of the dish to get to the kibble.
• Use a food puzzle. Food puzzles are objects, such as Kong toys, that have openings in which to place the food. It will automatically slow your cat down, because she’ll have to work at it for at least 20 to 30 minutes to get the food out. Even more importantly, though, it’ll add a little excitement to her meal so she’ll be more mentally and physically challenged—and a lot less bored.
• Being mindful about the pet obesity problem, offer her a couple of treats throughout the day. It’ll take an edge off her hunger. Keep in mind, though, that treats should only comprise 10 percent of her daily allotment. To calculate her daily calories, it’s 25 to 30 calories, depending on activity level, for every five pounds.
• Separate any pets at mealtime. One of the reasons your cat may be eating too fast is because of “competition.” If there are other pets around, she may think she needs to gobble in order to keep the others from taking her food. Eliminate any competition.
• Elevate your cat’s bowl a little. Of course you want her to have access, but don’t make it too easy for her to get at it.
• Fill a cookie sheet or flat tray with the amount of food you normally give your cat– but spread it around the sheet. This way, it’s the same amount of food, but it will take her more time to complete it than if it’s just piled in a bowl, and she won’t be able to take large mouthfuls of food.

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