What can I do to stop my dog from being a messy eater?

Feeding time can be a hassle if your dog is a messy eater. Many dogs make messes when eating from a bowl by spilling kibble all over the floor, drooling excessively and getting water around both the water dish and food bowl. Putting mats under the dishes might catch some of the mess, but food and water can still get everywhere if you have a particularly aggressive dog.

First, make sure that you are using heavy bowls that are tip-proof to avoid having your dog flip over a food or water dish. Putting a mat under the dishes will also prevent slipping. A bowl with higher edges may also stop some of the mess from escaping the dish.

You should work to make feeding time a calm event. Do not feed a dog immediately after it has been running around outside or playing inside. This excitement will translate into messy eating. Also, if a dog is purposely making a mess and playing with the dish, take the food away until he is calmer and able to eat without playing around with the food.

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