What can I do to reinforce the training to get my dog to come when called?

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Getting your dog to come when called is a very important command that should be mastered early on. Not only does teaching your dog to come when called allow you to steer your dog clear of dangerous situations, but it also allows your dog to have more freedom away from you because you know that he will return to you when needed. Training a dog to come when called can be tricky, however, because it is against most dogs’ natural instincts.

In order to reinforce the training to get your dog to come when called, you need to make sure that each time your dog returns to you when called, it is an enjoyable and happy experience. Never call your dog to come to you and then punish him, or call him to come into a situation that would be uncomfortable or scary. If you do this, your dog will learn that sometimes coming to you is a scary or negative action.

Instead, praise your dog with affection or food when he comes to you. Incorporate the command “come” into your dog’s everyday activities, like walking towards the door to go outside or approaching a food bowl for mealtime. Make the command “come” an action that your dog wants to do in order to be positively rewarded, and you are likely to have success with getting your dog to come when called.

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