What can I do to get my dog to like my boyfriend?

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If your dog doesn’t like your boyfriend, chances are good that your dog is acting out of jealousy, or he may feel this individual is a threat to his territory. Dogs can misbehave and even become aggressive if they feel as though a stranger is in their home, or that a person is coming between them and their owner.

To avoid your dog acting out against your boyfriend, introduce the two in a neutral setting, such as a dog park. This way, your dog won’t feel the need to protect his property and guard anything in the home, including you. Your dog will be more likely to accept someone outside of the home where he can properly sniff and meet your boyfriend.

Remember to pay ample attention to your dog and give it enough exercise on a regular basis. This will also help your dog behave positively in the presence of new people. Dogs who are able to release energy throughout the day are less likely to misbehave, or act out in aggression.

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