What breeds tend to be the easiest to train?

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Sometimes, the smartest dog isn’t the easiest to train (although a lot of dogs on this list do make “the smartest” list).

The two main characteristics you want to look for to determine trainability are abundant energy and a strong desire to please.

Here are the top 10 most trainable breeds:

  • Border Collie: High intelligence, in fact, they are classified as the smartest breed,  they are also bundles of energy. Ironically, though, the Border Collie’s high  intelligence can also sometimes make them difficult to train, as he is very quick  to pick up things like subtle nuances in hand signals or voice command, making  them confused and seemingly unresponsive.
  • Labrador Retriever: They are also ranked as both the smartest and most  affectionate.
  • Papillon: Intelligent, vocal, clean, affectionate and loyal, the Papillon makes an  ideal family pet.
  • Beauceron: This breed has highly developed herding and hunting instinct. It’s a  great guard dog, but isn’t recommended as a house pet, as it tends to mistrust  both humans and other animals.
  • Pyrenean Shepherd: Used for centuries as a herding dog, it has also been used  as couriers, guards, and search and rescue dogs. The breed is extremely  energetic, and require extensive play time and exercise.
  • Australian Shepherd: This breed is also confident, alert, bold, and independent. Toy Poodle: Alert, responsive, playful, sensitive, and eager to please, they are devoted to their family–but some can be a bit reserved with strangers. Like many  in the toy group, the Toy Poodle may bark a lot. .
  • Belgian Sheepdog (Groenendael): Also known as the Belgian Shepherd dog, it’s  an energetic ‘herding’ and intelligent group. It’s generally not recommended as  a “stay at home” house pet, though, because these dogs need extensive mental  and physical activity and, if left alone, they may become neurotic and/or  destructive.
  • Doberman Pinscher: Brave and intelligent, the Dobie makes a wonderful guard  dog. It can be a little aggressive, but it’s very easy to train, especially with a firm  handler.
  • Australian Cattle Dog: This is another breed that made the “smartest” list. It’s  also energetic and reliable.

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