What benefit does peppermint provide for cats?

Recent research has determined that certain herbs can actually do more harm than good in cats, especially when used in the form of essential oils. Essential oils are incredibly concentrated extracts that can pose a problem for humans and animals alike when they come into contact with skin.

However, if used correctly, there may be some benefits that peppermint, in particular, can provide for cats. Peppermint actually belongs to the catnip family, and many cats enjoy sniffing, chewing, and rolling around in it. It can also have a very mild stress relief effect on your cat when used in moderation.

A very mild solution of peppermint can help to remove strong odors that could be associated with your cat, and might also help to make the introduction of a new pet into the home go a lot more smoothly.

Dabbing the animals you intend to introduce with a small amount of peppermint could have a calming effect. Peppermint has a very potent scent that can sometimes irritate the delicate mucous membranes of your cat’s eyes and nose. This is why it is incredibly important to use only the very mildest of solutions on or around your feline. Your cat has a better sense of smell than you do, so if you find the scent of peppermint hard to pick up on, rest assured that your cat can smell it just fine.

Cat owners often believe that the risks of liver damage and potential neurological damage that come from ingesting too much peppermint are simply not worth the risk. Always discuss homeopathic treatments with your veterinarian in order to ensure you are not inadvertently harming your cat.

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