What benefit does echinacea provide for cats?

Echinacea has long been known to support strong immune systems in humans. Although there are some herbs safe for people, but not for cats, fortunately, echinacea is regarded as a safe, effective herb for cats.

Studies have demonstrated that echinacea can help to support good immune health in cats, and can even help felines with compromised immune systems to see a small improvement in their overall health. Cat owners who have received devastating health news about their pets have noticed slight improvements in their cat’s overall health when echinacea was incorporated into their diet.

Echinacea can be brewed into a mild tea and added to a cat’s water, or it could be mixed into his food (especially canned food) so that he eats it directly. A homeopathic veterinarian can help you determine the best course of treatment for your cat. Many cat owners find that working with a homeopathic vet, alongside a traditional vet, gives them the guidance they need to improve the life of their pet. As with any herb, it is always recommended to start your cat off on a very small dose so that you can determine if he will have any adverse reactions. This is especially important if your cat is currently sick or otherwise ailing.

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