What are the top five most popular cat breeds?

Any list of “top” or “best” anything is up for considerable debate. If, however, you exclude the domestic shorthair (popularly known to many as an “alley cat”), the Persian and its short-haired variant known as the “Exotic” usually top the list each year.

These cats are extremely friendly, affectionate with their owners, but do well on their own while you’re at work. They’re laid back, with a tendency to be playful, and are physically beautiful.

The Maine Coon also belongs at the top of the pack for many of the same reasons. A big-bodied cat, with males often reaching 20 pounds, the Maine Coon has most of the admirable qualities of the Persian, but fewer grooming issues. Also, Maine Coons tend to be lovable couch potatoes, much more given to the horizontal life than vertical feats of daring.

The Siamese is none of these things. He’s an adorable, nosy, bossy, smart, loud mouth who will be into everything. He knows he’s smarter than you are and he’ll tell you so while he’s supervising every single thing that goes on in the household. Fiercely loyal and not at all interested in being alone, a Siamese will either drive you nuts, steal your heart completely, or, in his inimitable fashion do both!

The Abyssinian is a good mix of the playful placid nature of the Persian and the friendly extroversion of the Siamese. These cats are very people oriented, but tend to be more diplomatic than the Siamese. One word of caution, they do tend to pick one human as theirs and stick with that choice.

Ragdolls also belong in the top five. They are as large as Maine Coons but are very docile. You’d be hard pressed to find a more easy going cat. They’re highly adaptable and very affection, but be prepared. Some males go as much as 30 pounds.

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