What are the safest places to take my dog out on a walk?

Walks are an essential part of dog ownership because a walk is a great way for you to bond with your dog, let your dog experience the world, and also get some exercise. That being said, not all environments are good environments to walk a dog. Dogs can become easily distracted and scared by a number of different objects and environments. They do not have the understanding of society, people, other animals and objects that humans have. It is your role as the dog owner to keep your dog away from potentially dangerous or frightening situations.

Some of the safest places to take your dog out on a walk include family-friendly neighborhoods, well-maintained parks that allow dogs, nature trails, and any other dog-friendly environment. Your dog should feel comfortable and excited to go for a walk wherever you take him. A bad experience on a walk can negatively affect a dog and cause him to become shy or reclusive.

Avoid taking your dog for walks in dangerous areas where there could be glass or other harmful materials on the ground, by playgrounds where young children could startle your dog, areas where there are known to be stray animals such as cats and dogs, or very busy streets such as highways or main roads. These environments can frighten a dog.

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