What are the reasons to teach a dog to walk on a treadmill?

Exercise is the key ingredient to good health, good mental agility and longevity.
Understand that most pet dogs were originally bred to do things like pulling sleds, operating equipment, herding sheep and performing rescue operations. In Medieval times they (often terriers) were often used to hunt small, and sometimes not-so-small, rodents and other animals. If a dog does not get adequate exercise (adequate may be more than you might believe), this instinctive energy will build up and demand an outlet. So, if your dog is chewing up your shoes or barking incessantly, it may be that she’s bored and under exercised.
Treadmills provide numerous benefits beyond what can normally be achieved from walking or even running a dog. For example, dog show handlers can actually use them to study the gait of a dog and make corrections while the dog is in movement.
The incline of a treadmill provides the resistance needed to develop strength and muscle. By altering the resistance, your dog can achieve an excellent cardiovascular workout that can also tone the muscles. The treadmill is an additional exercise that, when added to an existing schedule of walks and play, will make sure your dog uses all its muscles and is in peak physical condition.
Other reasons:
• Inclement weather. Whatever the elements, you’ll still be able to provide your dog with a controlled and consistent workout program.
• The owner is unable to walk, whether it’s a broken leg, illness or arthritis.
• The dog is on a weight-loss program.
In the United States, roughly half of dogs and cats are now considered to be overweight or obese, and that costs owners millions, according to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention. When your pet is overweight, it puts her at risk for chronic conditions, including diabetes, joint problems, and heart problems and more

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