What are the pros/cons of having commercial cat food delivered to my home?

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Some people order food from national pet food chains or their local pet stores or directly from a manufacturer. It can be a great convenience, but there are some potential problems.


• Convenience. No more lugging heavy 20- or 40-pound bags from the store. That’s a real advantage for the elderly, disabled or people who have stairs!
• Privacy: Many manufacturers and pet stores have online ordering so you can do it right from your own home.
• Special offers: Some pet food companies or stores also provide coupons, free shipping or discounts to their home delivery customers to retain loyalty.
• Automatic reorder: No more having to remember dates and amounts.


• Lost, damaged or late pet food; Inconsistent delivery can happen whether the store is across the country or just down the block.
• Shipping costs: Split this cost by doubling up an order with someone else.
• Misquoted prices: When this happens, usually the policy is to give the consumer the lower price—BUT, often, you’ll have to ask for this.
• Delivery dates: Some manufacturers can’t give an exact delivery date, but will give you the closest estimate they can. You can easily avoid this by ordering in plenty of time before you completely run out of food.

When considering home delivery of your pet food:

• First, calculate approximately how much food you need monthly for your pet, taking into consideration its age, activity level, weight and preferred food.
• Look online or in the yellow pages for a site or company that delivers pet food. If the company does not indicate whether it delivers monthly, e-mail or call the company and request a monthly delivery service.
• Select a food type, such as dry or canned, and the preferred brand of food.
• Select the quantity of food you want every month.
• Ask about auto renewal, delivery times, shipping prices, etc.

NOTE: Seniors on fixed incomes might be eligible for free pet food and delivery through Meals on Wheels.

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