What are the pros/cons of feeding dehydrated dog food?


• Convenience: Dehydrated foods do not take up the same amount of space required by other foods. You’ll always have a supply of dog food available, especially important to those in high-storm regions who may, at times, experience a loss of utilities.
• Cost: Great alternative for those pricier items like fresh foods or even freeze-dried ones. You can dehydrate foods at home, through many processes that don’t require any special equipment, such as sun or air drying. Dehydrating your own foods brings down your food costs. This means you can buy foods, especially produce, when they are in season at their cheapest cost and dry them for later use. You can store dehydrated foods for up to a year.
• Long shelf life: As long as they remain in a tight package, water can’t get in—which means that mold and other bacteria that needs water to grow, can’t. All bets are off, though, once it’s rehydrated—feed immediately and store leftovers in the refrigerator.
• Lightweight. Water is the heaviest component of food and since there’s none, it’s easy to carry. Great for when you and your dog are traveling.
• Nutrient Value. Dehydrated food is essentially raw food and a lot of people are insisting that’s one of the best diets for dogs. That means it retains all its enzymes, vitamins, minerals and general nutritional value that would be lost or damaged by cooking. However, its counterpart, freeze-dried, because it removes water through a low-heat process, is slightly more nutritious.
• Appearance, taste, texture: Dehydrated foods have a wrinkled appearance so that it’s often impossible to know what it was before the process took place. Once it is rehydrated (which can often take hours), the taste may not be close to the original food. Sometimes a dehydrated food has a tough or leathery texture.
• Cost: The dehydration process is often inexpensive, but if you choose a dog food where the water’s removed through the freeze-drying process, it can be more expensive.

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