What are the pros/cons of buying commercial cat food in bulk?

Pros: Buying cat food in bulk can seem more affordable. When compared to the cost per pound of smaller bags, the price is overwhelmingly less expensive. In addition, many of them are sold in wholesale membership clubs, such as Costco.

Another positive is that you’ll have a very large amount of food in the house for your pet.

Cons: It can be a false savings because:

• There are approximately 100 cups of kibble in one 40-pound bag, depending upon the weight of the food. (Sometimes it can be as high as 160 cups per 40- pound bag.) That means the food will last about five weeks. That also means your cat will probably take a long time to finish the bag—and you might end up throwing some food out due to it becoming stale or worse, rancid.
• The nutritional value of the food becomes substantially lower the longer it stands. Both scent and flavor also decrease over time. So, while the food might be safe to eat, but your cat will find it less exciting and there will be fewer nutrients—and cats can be picky eaters anyway, even when the food is fresh.
• They are full of preservatives. Preservatives are important to keep the food fresh and, while vitamins C and E are great natural ones, there might be a need for stronger, harsher chemical preservatives to keep large amounts of food from spoiling. That can lead to long-term chronic illnesses and astronomical veterinary bills.
• Cat food-by-the-pound is only available in dried form. Dried cat food tends to be much higher in carbohydrates and lacks moisture and water. The proteins are often plant-based, and cats need meat (and water) to survive. Again, this can result in potential health problems.
• Difficult storage: Where and how to store properly can be a problem, especially since it can attract bugs and rodents.

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