What are the pros of using an invisible fence to keep a dog in her yard?

An invisible fence is a system that is used to keep animals inside a designated area so that they stay safe. This area must be outside, the fence must be professionally installed, and owners must be taught how to use them.
First, a hole is dug around the designated area. This will be a full circle or square. Once the hole is dug, a wire is inserted in the hole and the hole is then covered. Because the wire is covered up and no one sees it, so it’s called an invisible fence. The wire emits a radio frequency sound that your pet will be able to hear.
A special collar that has two metal prongs and a little box is put on your dog. The box emits a sound that only the animal can hear whenever it gets too close to the invisible fence (underground wire). The pet must be trained that the sound will lead to a shock if it continues. After a few times, the pet quickly catches on to the sound it hears before the shock, and then it stays away from the boundaries and remains safely in the designated area. The installer will help you with this process until your pet understands the system.


• It keeps your dog from running off.
• It saves you the expense of having a traditional type of fence.
• It won’t obstruct your view the way a traditional fence can.


• Repairing a hole in an invisible dog fence can be challenging. If you’re still under warranty, great. Even if it’s still not under warranty, you may decide to request a service call. If you do decide to do it yourself, please ask the manufacturer for very detailed instructions.

• It does not keep other dogs, cats, deer and rabbits out of your yard.
• It can create behavioral issues in your dog, including fearfulness.

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