What are the pros of adopting two dogs at the same time?

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One of the best reasons to adopt two dogs at the same time is companionship. Two dogs will never become lonely, and there is always the opportunity to find someone to play with. Two dogs can entertain each other for hours, and will always have a partner to go on walks or play tug-of-war or chase. Even when it is time to go to sleep, two dogs will have a companion to stretch out with in the sun or on the couch. Better yet, they never have to go to the vet alone.

Another clear-cut reason for adopting two dogs at the same time is the benefit in training. Inevitably, one dog will be easier to train than the other. When this happens, the easily trained dog will inadvertently assist you in the training of the other dog. Multiple canines can even discipline each other, especially when one dog has learned the boundaries of the home, while the other is working to catch up.

Many times, owners will find that two dogs have closely bonded, especially if both were dropped off at a shelter together. In these cases, the dogs have most likely been in a home together, and have been through a traumatic experience side-by-side. This makes it important to adopt them together as well. Just like humans, dogs can form bonds with each other and in rare cases, even grieve to death when separated. For this reason alone, adopting two bonded dogs together is imperative.

While there are many pros to adopting two dogs at the same time, you should always research the pros and cons first before making the final decision. Remember, adopting a dog is a lifetime commitment and should never be taken lightly.

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