What are the most common dog training mistakes people make?

Training your dog can be a lot of fun for both of you, and it’s also a great bonding experience.

Even the most well behaved puppy will benefit, so don’t put it off! Remember, also, that dog training is as much for you as it is for the dog. The more consistent and responsive you are, the greater the chance of your pet’s success.

To ensure the most success and avoid any frustration on both your parts, avoid some of these common mistakes:
• Inconsistency: Remember, you want your dog to see you as the pack leader, so it’s important that you’re reliable and dependable on all counts and that includes being consistent not only with the commands but with your reactions.
Always praise enthusiastically for every success; if you’re up one day and down the next, you’ll confuse the dog; pets have their own limitations to understand and interpret your commands and your language. Similarly, don’t be rigid one day and lackadaisical the next; it will impede her learning process.
• Extremism: If you train you train your dog too frequently or repeat every exercise too many times, she’ll get bored and frustrated. It’s better to keep the sessions short; you can always give her some quick spontaneous sessions to reinforce learning. If she’s having trouble with one command, stop and rest for a few minutes. Return later–to another, easier command.
• Neglecting your dog’s emotions: “Always consider what your dog might be feeling while training, and give those feelings the appropriate attention and respect they deserve,” said certified dog trainer, Shelby Semel. If you notice that your dog is not very eager to do some exercises or if she yawns too much, let her rest. This might mean that your dog is too tired or too bored to go on.
• Using punishment, not positive reinforcement: Your pets should know that their behavior is respected, and they need to know which type of behavior is valued.Rewards are very essential things in any dog training, because it encourages them to continue obeying your commands.

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