What are the ingredients essential to treat urinary tract conditions in cats?

Urinary tract conditions can impact the lower area and lead to an inflammation of the bladder that can be caused by bacteria and fungus, stones, obstructions or cancer.

There is also an upper urinary tract condition that affects the kidneys.

If your cat is prone to these problems, be sure to have a discussion with your veterinarian who may prescribe certain foods formulated for just this problem.

Meanwhile, here are some things you can do:

• Feed her canned food. Even if she prefers the taste of dry, that may not be the best choice for her. Cats aren’t big water drinkers to begin with, and proper hydration is a crucial element to maintaining her urinary tract health.

Also remember that cats are carnivores—strictly meat-eaters—who need an essential amino acid called taurine for their health. Taurine isn’t manufactured in the body, so they rely on it through diet, and it’s only found in animal flesh. Dry food is often plant-based, so there won’t be much, if any taurine.
• Water. Keep her well hydrated. Cats aren’t big water drinkers, so here are a few tips to get her to drink more: Invest in one of those pet drinking fountains; cats are attracted to water, and the rippling effect alone may ignite her curiosity and that could make her drink more. Feed her wet food, but if she insists on dry, mix it with a little water. Make a “soup” by mixing several tablespoons of canned food with water; chances are she’ll lap it up. Add a few ice cubes to her food. Speak to your veterinarian about ways to flavor water.
• Exercise and play. It has been scientifically proven that cats who are overweight are more prone to developing feline cystitis while cats who maintain a regular exercise routine are less likely to be afflicted. Stimulating play and exercise for your cat can aid in weight reduction and lower the risk of her being stricken with feline cystitis.

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