What are the health benefits of giving my dog a therapeutic massage?

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Today, massage is considered a necessity, an integral part of any health and wellness regimen, for humans and non-humans like. Some of the things massage can help with are pain, blood circulation, stress (yes, dogs are very prone to it) and other things that can zap energy and life force from your pet.

Especially if your dog is active, she’ll experience bumps, bruises and other traumas throughout her life. She’ll receive medical attention but, just like people, there can be residual effects that cause problems with things like her posture, flexibility and blood circulation, all of which are important functions of her wellbeing.

Specifically, massage affects:

Emotional wellbeing: Touch in itself is healing, such as the fact that massage therapy helps move lymph fluid around the body and oxygenate organs and tissues. It also relaxes and that results in faster recovery.
Circulatory disorders: Massage helps to open blood vessels. Better blood circulation means more oxygen and nutrients can be distributed throughout the dog’s body more waste and toxins, that may be making your dog sick, are removed.
You also need to look at the lymphatic system, because it works very closely with the circulatory system, and it is the body’s natural defense system. The lymphatic system drains fluid from bodily tissue and allows immune cells to travel throughout the body. It also carries nutrition to all of the cells in the body and to remove toxins, waste products and pathogens. Sometimes, the lymphatic vessels become congested and damaged. When that happens, the system actually transports damaged cells and inflammatory
tissue back to the blood stream.

Muscle maintenance: Massage loosens tight, constricted muscles, decreases pain, increases flexibility and restores proper tone. Just like us, if left for too long, a tight muscle can result in stiffness, pain and poor mechanics and circulation.
Of course, you should always consult your veterinarian before embarking on any massage therapy to ensure that a specific condition won’t be aggravated by the procedure.

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