What are the fines if the court determines that the dog feces littered on a property belong to my dog?

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That depends on the jurisdiction and the number of offenses you might have. Fines can be as low as under $100 in some areas, but as high as $250 in others.

Dog waste can be disgusting and pose a health risk. It can be just as disgusting to clean up after your dog—but you are required to.
Here are some tips to make it as easy for you to clean up after your dog, either with or without a shovel; it might sound a little gross not to use a shovel, even if you aren’t touching the feces, but this is actually the fastest and most efficient way. It also saves you having to carry a dirty shovel around with you.
• Take your dog to a relatively bare patch of ground. If you are in a public area, take her off the path. If you are in your own yard, take her to a spot that does not have thick vegetation. During winter, clear snow out of the way with a shovel.
• Put a plastic bag over your dominant hand while she defecates.
• Pick up the poop with the hand covered in a plastic bag. Loosely hold it while you pull the edges of the bag down with your other hand to turn the bag inside out, containing the poop. Alternatively, shovel the waste and transfer it to a plastic bag.
• Tie the bag tightly.
• Put the shovel, if you are using one, into a larger plastic bag.
• Place the bag containing the waste into a dedicated trash can, often found in public spaces popular with dog walkers, or take it home and place it in a garbage bag. Tie the bag tightly. You can use the same bag for numerous bags of excrement, but you still need to contain any smells.
• Wash your hands thoroughly.
• Throw away the bag you used to carry the shovel.

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