What are the disadvantages of making homemade diets for my cat?

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Many cat owners consider making their own cat food for their feline companions. While there are many advantages to homemade cat food, there are also several disadvantages that cat owners should be aware of before they embark on this culinary adventure.

A lot of commercial cat foods use heavy preservatives. While these aren’t necessarily the best things for your cat to consume, they do serve a purpose in helping to keep your cat’s food from going bad before it eats it. Homemade cat food will not likely have much in the way of preservatives in it, so it is important that you either freeze it correctly, or only make small batches that can be used before they go bad.

Another disadvantage to consider is that you may not be meeting all of your cat’s nutritional requirements. If you can ensure that your cat is getting sufficient protein, fats, oils, fiber, and everything else that it needs in order to be at optimal health, then you likely won’t have a problem with making food. However, it can sometimes be a bit of a juggling act to get the right combination; this is not only time consuming, but it can quickly lead to a malnourished cat if you are not careful.

It can sometime also be a bit of a budget-stretching activity to make your own cat food for your feline pet. While there are certainly cuts of meat that are relatively cheap, if you are feeding more than one cat, or are feeding a cat with special needs, you may just find it difficult to maintain the homemade diet for your cat in the long run.

If you do find that you are ready to switch back to commercial cat food, you may just find that your cat is simply not as willing as you are. It can be difficult for a cat to transition back to commercial cat food after eating chicken and ground meat.

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