What are the disadvantages of adopting a puppy?

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There are many disadvantages to adopting a puppy verses adopting an adult dog. Let’s look at a few of the potential problem:

Age: Many people prefer to adopt a dog based on the animal’s age. Puppies are very playful and easily excited. They quickly get under foot, and can cause you to fall. But one of the biggest disadvantages of adopting a puppy is their general destructiveness. A puppy teethes just like human babies do. To get relief from the ache of teething, they will chew on anything within reach; shoes, carpet, furniture, cabinets, wires, and just about anything else they can get their mouths on are not safe from their teething tactics. It takes a lot of patience to undergo this time in a puppy’s life.

Training: A puppy is a lot like a human baby, in that he requires a lot of training. There is an assortment of possible training that goes into making the perfect dog for your home. Crate-training, leash-training, obedience-training and the essential housebreaking can all be important. Although all puppies will require some form of obedience training, there are those who will require training outside of your expertise. This is when you will have to seek out a good obedience trainer. Any of the aforementioned training will take time, patience and sometimes money. There are many individuals who do not wish to take on the endeavor of a puppy. Adopting an adult dog that has already been trained in these areas is a great advantage.

Money: Puppies tend to be more costly than an adult dog. A puppy will require a sequence of puppy vaccines, along with the typical bordetella, and rabies vaccines that adult dogs receive. Puppies will also need to be spayed or neutered. Each of these occasions requires vet visits that will include an office fee. Adopting a puppy can be expensive by the time the puppy reaches adulthood. If the financial factor is of concern, adopting an adult dog can be a less costly option. An adult dog will still need its vaccinations and possibly need to be spayed or neutered, however they require only one set of vaccinations.

In many ways, adopting a puppy can be harder than having a child around the home. Sometimes, it is just more worthwhile to adopt an older dog than to adopt a puppy.

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