What are the different styles of nail trimmers?

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There are several different styles of nail trimmers, and it is a matter of personal preference as to which kind you should use. The most important thing is to always make sure that they are sharp and in good working order before you start to trim your cat’s nails. Dull blades can make the trimming process more difficult and even painful for your cat.

The trimmers that you choose should also be durable, easy to clean, and allow you to safely and comfortably trim your cat’s nails. Consider the type of handle and how comfortable is it for you to hold.

Human Nail Trimmers: The simple human fingernail trimmer works very well to trim a cat’s nails. They are small and easy to maneuver when trying to hold your cat and trim the claws on little cat feet. They can be a little tricky, however, if you are unsure where the quick is, or if your cat has large, thick or dark colored claws.

Guillotine Style Trimmers: Many people feel this style the easiest to use because of the “squeezeability” of the handles, and because it is designed to help you guide the nail into place. Once in place, squeeze the handles of the trimmer and a blade slides across the guide and cuts the nail. The blade on a guillotine style trimmer tends to dull easily and will need to be replaced, but replacement blade kits are usually available.

Scissor Style Trimmers: This type of trimmer looks like a regular household scissors with an indentation in it. Open the scissors, place your cat’s claw in the indentation, and close the scissors. The two indented blades close on the nail and cut it. This style tends to remain sharp longer than the guillotine blades, but some people may find the small handles difficult to operate.

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