What are the dangers of serving raw eggs to my dog?

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Raw eggs are often used for shiny hair, so some people give them to their dogs to enhance their coats. However, there are two potential problems with raw eggs, so exercise great care.

The first problem:

While raw egg yolk provides biotin, protein, and many vitamins and minerals that contribute to a healthy dog, and will manifest as a lustrous coat, raw egg yolk also contains avidin, which damages a dog’s metabolism and creates a biotin deficiency.

The avidin binds to the biotin, thus interfering with absorption, and biotin plays an important role in the skin and coat of both dogs and cats.

Biotin is used frequently (along with fatty acids) to treat a dog who has allergies and it is also an important part of growth, digestion and muscle formation in dogs.
Some signs of a deficiency of this vitamin in your pet may be skin lesions, dry and dull coat, anemia and lethargy.
The second problem:

Raw eggs can cause food poisoning, harboring bacteria such as Salmonella and E Coli. Both can make your dog very ill and there have been some reports of fatalities with E Coli.

Healthier Alternatives
• Give your dog a cooked egg. Cooking actually increases an egg’s protein as it might benefit a dog’s coat more than a raw egg.
• Apply the egg topically because, since it’s loaded with proteins and vitamins, it makes a good conditioner.
• Bathe and groom regularly, feed a protein-rich diet. The ultimate route to a shiny coat and a healthy, happy dog to take care of her regularly.
• Use biotin supplements. If yours is an allergy dog, be sure to speak to your vet. Since biotin is water soluble, it’s excreted so there’s no fear of toxic buildup—but, as always, it needs to be administered with care so as to avoid any reaction with other medications, supplements or even food.

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