What are the dangers of letting my dog eat plums?

Plums not only taste great, but they’re loaded with nutrition, especially vitamin C, an important natural antioxidant.

Given those factors, you’d probably think plums are good for your pet—but they can be extremely harmful. And, if you’re lucky enough to have your own plum tree in your backyard, keep your pet away from it, because surer than anything she’ll be drawn to the sweet, delectable fruit.

Here’s why plums are so bad for your dog:
• They cause diarrhea and other digestive problems:
Like any fruit, plums contain natural sugar and this can lead to diarrhea in your dog. Also, if your dog consumes an unpeeled plum that hasn’t been properly washed, this can also lead to digestive problems.
• The pit contains cyanide:
We hear so much about health benefits, it’s hard to imagine plums being poisonous, but the seeds, stems and leaves contain cyanide. If your dog chews on a pit, that poison will go right into her system.
• Your dog can choke:
The pit can cause an obstruction of the small intestine, causing gas to accumulate, which will make the intestine swell, cutting off blood supply.
Although obstruction is more common in the lower intestine, it can be higher, resulting in diarrhea. If it is even higher up, though, the most common symptoms are vomiting, pain in the abdomen, problems with having a bowel movement, loss of appetite, shock and death
• Speaking of sugar…
Just because something’s natural or good for you doesn’t mean it’s not fattening. True, plums are low-cal, but the sugar does for them exactly what it does for us. Obesity is on the rise just as much for animals as it is for us. Need we say more?
If you suspect she’s eaten a plum and has difficulty breathing, dilated pupils, heightened salvation, seizures, hyperventilation and shock, take her to your veterinarian or emergency vet hospital immediately.

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