What are the dangers of letting my dog eat peaches?

There’s nothing like a juicy, sweet peach. Sometimes they’re even very cold and a little overripe which makes them mushy—everything a dog may love. So, if you have a bowl of peaches lying around, be aware that your dog may be drawn to them.

Peaches, however, are listed as one of the top people foods toxic to dogs.

Peaches contain hydrogen cyanide, a chemical compound that is potentially deadly to both humans and non-humans. It is often used as a chemical warfare agent to exterminate populations.

If ingested, this type of poisoning can cause your dog to hyperventilate and have dilated pupils. Eating the seeds or pits of these fruits could lead to shock.

The fruit is probably okay and will only cause a little diarrhea and loose stool, but the pit is very, very dangerous. Since your dog will have no idea that it will be harmful to her, she’ll probably gobble or gnaw the entire fruit—pit and all. Even if this doesn’t kill your dog immediately, the cyanide content can gradually build up in your dog’s system and cause a slow death without you even knowing it.

There’s even another danger to the pit. She can swallow it whole, causing choking or intestinal obstruction.

Sometimes cyanide symptoms can occur without you even knowing, so the key is to be very aware. If you observe that your dog has dilated pupils and is showing signs of dizziness and salivation, then it would be wise to consult a vet right away—if left unattended and untreated, mild poisoning can lead to seizures, shock and even coma.
Ask your veterinarian about which types of people foods are safe for your dogs and which are not. This takes the guesswork out of figuring out if a certain type of food is toxic for your dog or not.

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